Amy was the very first Spark employee and will always be one of, if not the, best decisions Spark has ever made. She came into Spark with plenty of bookkeeping knowledge as she is the financial wizard behind her husband’s construction and property management company. Her knowledge has of course grown in leaps and bounds throughout the time she’s been with us. And, we’re are pretty certain there is nothing she can’t do.

Amy heads up our restaurant division and her knowledge of all-things restaurant-accounting is unparalleled. She also works with a few of our law firm clients (and has quickly mastered that aspect). She also take on some of our more ‘detailed’ or ‘challenging’ clients.

Furthermore, she is the rock that every company needs and our go-to for any problem, issue or situation the rest of the team can’t quite figure out – she always has the answer and is always willing to help.

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