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In Profit First, Michalowicz explains how this age-old accounting formula turns great businesses into cash-eating monsters, trapping you in a day-to-day, check-to-check struggle to survive. He reveals how to flip that “Frankenstein Formula” and take profit first without compromising your business, and why the Profit First Formula of Sales – Profit = Expenses actually forces innovation, supports sustained growth and skyrockets profits. You are about to discover the step-by-step Profit First system that shows you how to radically change the financial health of your business…from your very next deposit.

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“Mike Michalowicz is the authority on small business success.”
Don Miller
Author of Building a Story Brand
“Profit First is a brilliant smack-upside-the-head revelation for entrepreneurs. With fascinating stories and wit, Michalowicz shows how to remove your nose from the grindstone, climb out of the quicksand, and build a business that loves you back.”
Sally Hogshead
Author of Fascinate and How the World Sees You
“Profit First is a game-changer. I implemented the system into both of my businesses and increased profits by 21%. If you want to turn a profit and grow your business, you need this book.”
Michael Port
Author of Steal the Show and Book Yourself Solid
“Mike’s off-the-cuff sense of humor and business savvy is unmatched. Learning can be fun. Mike proves it!”
Guy Kawasaki
Author of Art of The Start

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