Stephanie Morin is a lead accountant who truly loves what she does. A Umass Amherst Alumni, she hails from the North Shore and is a veteran of the hospitality and service industries. In addition to having worked in retail and restaurants for over 20 years, she has also gained invaluable insight into running a business by opening her own luxury concierge company in 2007.

Stephanie loves working with a variety of clients specializing in, you guessed it- restaurants and retail! But she also loves to work with and is extremely knowledgeable in a variety of industries including construction, consulting, marketing, healthcare and spa/salons. When she’s not hard at work cheering on clients and helping their businesses grow and profit, you can find her spending time with her family cooking together, laughing, making music, or rocking out on her spin bike.

A fun fact about Stephanie is that she used to DJ and loves all kinds of music and art. Her dream DJ gig would be a Bruins game at the Garden. A beer connoisseur, she also loves to support local breweries.


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