Wicked Good Cupcakes

One of our first clients and still one of the best. We started working with this amazing mother-daughter duo even before they had their first store-front in Cohasset, Massachusetts. We had a front row seat to their first whiff of celebrity when the TSA in the Las Vegas Airport stopped a passenger from getting on a plane who had a Wicked Good Cupcakes’ Jar in-hand. In short, the TSA had never seen a cupcake in a jar before. Therefore they deduced it must be a bomb. But everyone ended up coming to their senses and Wicked Good Cupcakes was on every news station across the country including CNN.

From there, they were off to Shark Tank, where we had the honor to work with Tracey and Danielle. We ensured that they knew their numbers up-down and sideways when pitching to the Sharks. After sealing the deal with Mr. Wonderful, well, the rest as they say, is history.

Wicked Good Cupcakes is one of the largest and by far most successful businesses that we have the pleasure and honor to work with.

Check them out here!


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