Meet the Sparkles!


All of us here at Spark love what we do and love that we have people to do it for! To see the haze of confusion clear as we get into your accounts and start getting the numbers organized, or checking out the numbers themselves while listening to your story to determine where you are in your business cycle, we would miss our kids soccer games for it. Well… maybe not every time.

Basically we are a team of smart positive people that get s*** done. We know business and we want you to not just get better at what you’re doing, but to actually fulfill your business dreams.

We Happen to Actually Love our Clients!

Who You’ll Work With

Each one of our Sparkles has many years of experience under their belt! Depending on your business and your needs, we will pick the perfect Sparkle for you!

Kasey Anton

Chief Sparkle

Kasey Anton is a former Restaurateur turned Bookkeeper – but wait, there’s more!

After living the high-end (and low-end) restaurateur lifestyle and experiencing the BEST and WORST that world has to offer, Kasey decided to take her knowledge and true-life experiences and turn it into a business that can help others navigate some of the pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest lessons learned on her journey? NUMBERS DON’T LIE. But we sometimes lie to ourselves – especially about business. So, knowing your numbers, the true, accurate, real, down and dirty, no-holds barred NUMBERS of your business is KEY to the success of your business. And Kasey knows her numbers, and she’ll make sure you know yours too.

Along her journey, she came across a real game-changer known as “Profit First” – a simple yet ridiculously effective cash management tool that EVERY business should be using (and I mean EVERY). Once discovered, Kasey became a Profit First Professional Mastery Member, one of less than 50 in the world, and now works with businesses all across the US to help “eradicate entrepreneurial poverty”

Kasey’s sole mission, and she and her Team have chosen to accept it, is to help business owners take control of their business, control of their numbers, drive the business toward its truest vision, and to be rewarded for that valiant effort.

Fun Fact? Kasey is a ridiculously obsessed NFL fan (GO PATRIOTS!) and has flown on the Team Jet to a game in Buffalo and watched the game from the sidelines standing near all the players. 

 Lucky girl!


Amy Salvatori

Lead Accountant

Amy Salvatori is one of the original Spark Girls having started with the team in 2011.  She is a Lead Accountant who handles a diverse client base consisting of restaurants, hair salons, catering companies, career coaches, travel agents, publishing companies, retail stores, law firms, and co-working spaces.  Her range of knowledge and experience across a broad base of industries makes her an integral component of the Spark team.  That experience coupled with a tireless work ethic and easy-going repertoire with her clients gives them confidence that Spark is the right choice for their specific business needs.

Amy received her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Babson College.  From there she joined a Boston mutual fund company as a Fund Account and quickly rose through the ranks. When she felt the time was right, she decided to take a break from the corporate world to start a family.  During the next 14 years, she brought four wonderful people into the world while working with her husband to grow his business.  Additionally, Amy volunteered with several civic organizations.  With her children thriving, and drawing on her experience in both a large corporate financial environment and a smaller entrepreneurial setting, she reentered the workforce finding a new challenge in the familiar accounting sector with Spark.

Stephanie Morin

Lead Accountant

Stephanie is a Profit First certified lead accountant and team development coordinator who truly loves what she does. A Umass Amherst Alumni, she hails from the North Shore and is a veteran of the hospitality and service industries. In addition to having worked in retail and restaurants for over 20 years, she has also gained invaluable insight into running a business by opening her own luxury concierge company in 2007.

Stephanie loves working with a variety of clients specializing in, you guessed it- restaurants and retail! But she also loves to work with and specializes in a variety of industries including construction, interior design, consulting, marketing, healthcare and salon & spas. When she’s not hard at work cheering on clients and helping their businesses flourish and profit, you can find her spending time with her family at the beach, creating THE perfect playlist, practicing her craft cocktail skills, or rocking out on her spin bike.​

A fun fact about Stephanie is she loves to support local businesses and can usually be found shopping or dinning at her local client’s establishments.

Jackie Torrey

Lead accountant

Jaclyn Torrey is one of our Lead Accountants and is also Spark’s Lead Trainer and Firm Manager.  She handles a variety of clients in various industries including construction, legal, retail, specialty services, not-for-profit, technical solutions, mortgage, and more.

Jaclyn started working here at Spark in March of 2017.  On May 23rd, 2018 she received a scholarship from the MSCPA at the Believers & Achievers Recognition Reception.  In December of 2018 she received her Master’s in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  She is now working towards passing the Uniform CPA Exam to become a Certified Public Accountant for the state of Massachusetts.  She brings energy and enthusiasm to Spark through her motivation and commitment to learn and practice accounting.

A fun fact about Jaclyn is that she got married on May 26th, 2018!  It was a small wedding ceremony on Boardwalk Beach in Sandwich.  In case you were wondering, yes this was Memorial Day weekend!

Bree Kelley

Assistant Bookkeeper/OFFICE ADMIN

Breanna Kelley AKA Bree is a Staff Accountant who specializes in data entry for several of Spark’s clients.  She started working at Spark in August of 2018 after making a drastic career change to pursue her dreams of working in the accounting industry.  She is eager to learn and grow after spending many years in the hospitality industry, most recently as Store Manager at White’s Bakery in Hingham.  She came into Spark and hit the ground running!  She is a fast learner who is not afraid to ask questions. 

Bree received her Associates in Criminal Justice with a certificate in Policing from Massasoit Community College in December 2018.  Some of the many skills that Bree contributes to Spark include time management, organization, great attention to detail, dedication, and communication.  She has quickly shown that she is an asset to Spark and to the clients we serve. 

A fun fact about Breanna is that she purchased her first home in East Bridgewater with her boyfriend on May 16th, 2018.  She also added a new member to her family, Mushu the Maincoon cat (named after a character from the Disney movie Mulan).

Jessica HartnetT

Assistant Bookkeeper

Jessica is a University of Miami Alumni, who started working at Spark in July 2019 after moving back up North from Miami, FL. Her interest in small businesses has fueled a great passion to work on clients in the restaurant, retail, medical, construction and technical solutions arenas. She has a very go-get-it attitude and continues to learn every day!

Jessica has a degree in economics, which has shaped her analytical and detail-oriented approach to bookkeeping. She has vast experience in customer service, in management and in client-oriented work which has helped strengthen her devoted work ethic.  

A fun fact about Jessica: She loves the Spanish language and hopes to teach her one-year-old son to speak both, English and Spanish! She has also found a passion for event planning. After finding out about the gender of her son at their gender reveal party, Jessica loves to coordinate parties and events for her family and friends!