Wicked Good Cupcakes is a mother-daughter run cupcake business that rocketed to fame after their run on Shark Tank, striking a deal with Kevin O' Leary. Tracey Noonan and Danielle Vilagie are smart, savvy business women who know what they're doing!

Head over to their page and check out their delicious treats!


Plants and Ponytails was started by Maryanne, who gave up a steady job to open her beautifully designed plant shop. Promoting plants as a means to bring nature back into our homes, she is truly a positive entrepreneur who is not only organized, but growing as well.

Check out Maryanne's plants, plant subscription boxes and plant workshops here!


Wicked Clean is Metro Boston, the South Shore, and Cape Cod’s all-in-one resource for exterior cleaning services. They use non-damaging methods combined with eco-friendly products that are designed to achieve exceptional, long-lasting results. Their commitment to their clients is shown in the quality of their work, and the reputation they've earned after years of serving their clients.

Check out their services and amazing reputation here!


Alluring Concepts is an established interior design company that specializes in blending  a modern, yet timeless feel with their clients own preferences to get a design right the first time. Highly attentive to their clients and being meticulous in their budgeting, they will have you feeling like their business was created just for you. We love supporting them because they represent the caliber of high quality businesses that we like to support.

Check out Alluring Concepts and their beautiful portfolio here!


Clandestine Kitchen is a “total body wellness” brand, fusing together clean nutrition with other important facets of healthy living such as fitness, beauty, fashion and surrounding oneself with good, positive vibes. We like working with Courtney and her sister Brittany because of their dedication to helping people live happier, healthier lives.

Check out Clandestine Kitchen and their 8-week home and corporate meal delivery Wellness Club programs here!


Kustom Products Inc. is an incredible custom design company that will help you create the exact product that you desire for yourself or as a gift for someone else. With amazing customer service and great attention to detail, they represent solid business values and quality work!

Check out their impressive designs for inspiration here!  


Kate's Table is a catering company focused on providing farm-fresh, hand-picked, and locally sourced and prepared foods for events. With their great energy and passion for a high quality dining experience, we love to help them focus on what they do best!

Check out Kate's Table and their tantalizing gallery here!  

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