YNAB stands for ‘You Need A Budget’ but in a really good way! This software app is easy, logical and actually kinda fun. We highly recommend it for your personal finances – I have been using it myself and loving the results!

Here’s how it works…

1. Give Every Dollar A Job – be intentional with your money and it will reward you.

2. Embrace Your True Expenses – don’t put your head in the sand. You know what you owe, it won’t go away, so pay it and be free from the stress of hiding from it.

3. Roll With The Punches – Nothing is set in stone because, well, sh*t happens. So, you adjust your finances appropriately as all will be fine…

4. Age Your Money – Debt is evil – sometimes necessary, but always evil. YNAB works to get you out of debt and learning to spend money that you actually have and not borrowing it from God knows who for God knows how much. Financial Freedom is one of the best feelings – ever. And it is attainable for everyone!

Check them out here!

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