Elder Law Care

Patrick Kelleher of Elder Law Care was one of our first clients to experience our full service Profit First package. He was also one of the first to give both Spark and Profit First raving testimonials!

Furthermore, Patrick and his team work with their clients to preserve their financial wealth, family heritage and values. They do this using custom-designed life and estate planning that meets each clients’ unique needs.

Elder Law Care

They also have plenty of free resources on their website, some pretty amazing testimonials from previous clients, in-person workshops, a comprehensive blog and their own ‘Elder Care TV’ with dozens of relevant and timely videos to educate and enlighten their clients and viewers.

In addition, when you first visit their website, you will see an array of offerings, from a free estate planning guide to a link to Patrick’s interview on a radio show, to his e-book on Amazon, to a video. He is very obviously staying front and center in his field. 

It is clear to us that Patrick and his associates truly embody their mission to establish themselves as high-quality, professional, yet personable guides and mentors in the world of estate planning.

Check them out here!


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