Sixth Division is an amazing company that’s run by one of my mentors, Brad Martineau. Through his work, he helps businesses create a full-proof system for every person that comes into your business eco-sphere, like “The Client Journey” and “The Prospect Journey” and he’s actually just a really, really cool guy.

Brad has been at ProfitCon the last few years as a featured speaker and I have gotten to know him one on one through signing up to work with his company last September. Anyway, he recently put this “idea” in our private Facebook group and gave us permission to use it for our own clients and readers. It helped me “make sense” and strategize during this time we are now in, in my home life and my business.

I think the questions, and more importantly, the exercise in answering these specific questions, speak for themselves, so use them to clarify and make sense of how you may need to redirect your efforts in your home, family, school or business and feel better about how you’re working with the current challenges and not against them.