The Quarry Restaurant


The Quarry Restaurant has been a long time client of Spark utilizing our full-service “Success” package. This means that we handle all of the sales coding, prime costing, and payables for the restaurant and everything in-between. Many say that the restaurant business is a business of nickels and dimes and they are not wrong. It is not easy to make money in the restaurant industry, but in order to do so, a restaurant MUST know it’s prime costs – food, beverage and labor.

The way we keep our restaurant clients on track and “in the black” is to give them monthly reporting that high-lights all of the important areas that a restaurateur should have their finger on. Our custom restaurant reporting shows them where they are knocking it out of the park, and where they need to focus their efforts. As we often say here at Spark, “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business”. 


The Quarry

With all that said, we want to share 5 reasons why we LOVE The Quarry:


They use local, seasonal produce

Who doesn’t love that? They create their menu using the freshest, tastiest local produce. If it’s not hitting the mark, they adjust the menu to create dishes using produce that will. 


They are attentive to food sensitivities and allergies

If you have a gluten-sensitivity or other allergies, they will work with you to find something that you are comfortable with


They have the Award of Excellence for 4 years in a row from Wine Spectator

This means their collection of wine has achieved a level of quality, pairing and pricing that is distinguishable.


They host special and private events

This is obviously helpful for bigger parties and events and company gatherings.


They are practicing safe dining

With all of the fear surrounding the pandemic, they are requiring masks until guests are seated and have enhancing cleaning and sanitizing practices. Their building is also large enough to effectively social distance for a relaxing dine-in meal in the building or on their beautiful patio.


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-The Spark Team