Guarantee Profit from your Restaurant!

Enjoy this free webinar helping you understand how to guarantee profit from your restaurant, with Kasey and Eric!


Who’s Eric Cacciatore? In his own words:

As a student dual majoring in Hospitality and Marketing, I created this site as a way to further my knowledge on topics related to restaurant operations, management, leadership, and marketing.

During my search for knowledge, I discovered podcasts.

It is so incredibly easy to absorb knowledge from the podcast. Just hit play and BOOM! knowledge bombs.

I was consuming hours of entrepreneurial and marketing podcasts daily, but I was struggling to find a podcast that served the aspiring restaurant owner.

For a while, I just waited, hoping someone would eventually create this podcast.

Then… it hit me…

I’ll do it! I’ll start a podcast!

Now I’m on a mission to seek out and make an example of our industry’s most successful and admirable professionals.

Also, I’ll be seeking out experts and resources to help you and your restaurant become UNSTOPPABLE!


Guarantee Profit


 Listen to Eric’s Restaurant Unstoppable podcast to:

  • Surround yourself with a melting pot of industry mentors. They will inspire and motive you to achieve your dream.
  • Learn what habits and characteristics you need to develop to be successful.
  • Learn from the failures of others so you can avoid similar failures.
  • Be entertained by the industry stories of chefs, owners, managers, and other restaurant professionals.
  • Absorb advice on how to raise capital, recruit and keep team members. Also learn how to lead, manage and market a restaurant.
  • Uncover the books and resources our guest mentors read and recommend. They can help you become unstoppable.
  • Lastly, discover new technologies and services. These will make you more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Additionally, for more look at what we at Spark offer. Or to inquire about our services, visit our Contact Page!


– The Spark Team

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