Download “The Recession Response”” one-page pdf from Mike Michalowicz.


There is so much chaos and uncertainty happening in our world today, especially in our small business world, that it is important to keep in mind some business-saving tips to stay steady (and have a plan!) during this uncertain time. The Recession Response PDF by Mike Michalowicz is super helpful at any time really but it designed for times of scarcity, whether it’s perceived correctly or not.  

The Oxford Dictionary defines a recession as “a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.” The causes can vary greatly, and whether or not we’re actually going through one, it’s always good to be prepared. We average a recession every 4 years. If you plan to be in business for longer than that, the chances are that you’ll experience one. If you prepare in advance, you’ll get through just fine.

Furthermore, industries fluctuate within each recession. While one experiences great challenges, your business may be booming. It can, however, be extremely difficult to know when and how a recession will come and which industries it will affect and for how long.


Recession Response


Lastly, it’s simply good to prepare yourself and your business for anything. You want to float at the very least during the heavy storms, and to happily surf the waves of a booming economy.

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