I was first introduced to Profit First when my husband mentioned he heard about it at a Power-Washing Convention he was at a few years ago. So, on our honeymoon, in July of 2017, I purchased the audiobook. 

How I Found Out About Profit First

It was an absolutely beautiful July day on the coast of Maine, sitting on my chaise lounge chair overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, when I hit play.

I was only about 5 to maybe 10 minutes into the book when I leapt off my chaise and went running back to our hotel room. I immediately got on a call to the Profit First Headquarters, signed up, and the rest is history. 

Of course, I did go on to finish the book. I actually listened to it 3 times over the next month. But what really jumped out at me was not only the simplicity of it, but how it innately works with human behavior and most certainly the human behavior of 99.9% of our clients. This is the answer to the vast majority of issues that our small business clients face every single day. 

But it’s not enough to read it and theorize about it. As part of becoming a Profit First Professional, you have to live it. You have to implement it fully in your own business first. So I did. And the results have been life-changing for me and my business – and I don’t say that lightly or with any exaggeration.

Profit First is a simple yet extremely effective tool for businesses to grow, thrive and be unstoppable.

Check out the Profit First website here!


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