Who is Petit Peony?

We have been working with Petit Peony since 2017 and having watched them grow over the years, we have felt SO lucky to be a part of their journey. Witnessing the founding of The Peach Project which is a children’s brand inspired by Georgia, the founder’s very own miracle baby has been an inspiration to all!

With this project, they have blended the medical field with the fashion industry by creating innovative products. These  enhance the patient/family healing experience for chronically ill children.

“You guys rock!! Thank you for all that you! You guys are the best!” – Kate Bowen, Petit Peony

Here is a wonderful description of Petit Peony’s offerings directly from their website:

Petit Peony is dedicated to designing unique classic clothing in a sustainable and ethical way. The whimsical prints, soft floral designs and easy to wear styles speak directly to the children while appealing to their parents with a simple put-together style. Petit Peony uses the highest quality fabrics that translate into a tailored look that allows for children to be free to run and play while looking adorable.

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-The Spark Team