Wicked Clean is the premier exterior detail cleaning company in the greater Boston area. They offer roof and house washing, patio and deck cleaning, and professionally cleaned windows.


Wicked Clean has been a client of Spark’s for over 5 years and we love watching them grow, grow, grow! Because this business is considered ‘seasonal’, it is imperative that the owner receives his financials as soon as the month closes so that he can use this info. He uses these financials to make strategic and important decisions as he moves forward throughout the season.


Here’s a little more detail, but be sure to check out their awesome website at www.WickedClean.com. Wicked Clean is Metro Boston, South Shore, and Cape Cod’s all-in-one resource for exterior cleaning services.


They specialize in low pressure house and roof washing, professional window cleaning, as well as dryer vent cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and gutter cleaning and repair.


Additionally, their effective, non-damaging methods combined with their eco-friendly products are designed to achieve exceptional, long-lasting results.


Wicked Clean’s commitment to their clients shows in the quality of their work, their efficient and dependable team members, and of course the reputation they have earned after being in this business and in this community, for almost 15 years.


(Wicked Clean was originally called Long’s Window Care, after the owner, Nick Long, an industry veteran).


As they say here in New England, ‘It ain’t clean unless it’s Wicked Clean!’ We couldn’t agree more!


Check them out here


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